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H.O.D’s Welcome Address

I am glad you are here. You are welcome to the Department of Demography and Social Statistics, the foundation of demographic and population studies in Nigeria.  The department is one family of many members including renowned scholars in population studies, committed non-academic staff, dexterious undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The contributions of the department to the scientific study of the population have earned her a top position among institutions with cutting-edge research. This is evident in the teaching and research outputs of the department. The department is well-equipped with modern facilities that aid intellectual engagement of staff and students with scholars around the world. The department enjoys an uninterrupted power supply, high-speed internet facility, e-library resources and conducive natural environments. Are you a member of staff, student or a visitor? You will certainly enjoy the modern facilities and the friendly cum intelligent disposition of our staff and students of the department during your stay.

The department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes; and also embarks on staff development training, capacity building for graduate students and community and public engagement (CPE) projects. You can explore the website for more details about the purpose, projects, programmes, privileges offered and the personnel in the department.

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