SSC 202: Statistical Methods and Sources II

Introduction to statistical data interpretation: Hypothesis Testing: Definition of hypothesis; steps in testing statistical hypothesis; one-tail and two-tail procedures; type I and type II errors; small sample test 1 (t-test including differences between two population means); small sample test 2 (Chi-Square test including contingency coefficient). Regression Analysis: Bivariate regression analysis; multiple regression analysis; inferences concerning regression slope; interpretation of regression coefficients. Correlation Analysis: Product Moment Correlation Coefficient; Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient; Inferences concerning correlation coefficient; interpretation of correlation coefficient. Test of Linearity. Index Numbers: Definition of index numbers; price and quantity indices; value index; simple and weighted average indices; Laspeyre’s index; Paasche index; Fisher’s ideal index, Mashall Edgeworth index; problems of index numbers; uses of index numbers. Time Series Analysis: Definition of time series analysis; components of time series analysis; models of time series analysis; estimation of trends using various methods including moving average method, centred moving averages, least-squares method, and deviation method of trend estimation; seasonal variation (simple method)